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The efficacy of our intervention emphasizes strategies that empower community identities and promote community-building by linking under-served constituencies to emerging information and communication technologies.
Bridging the Digital Divide a client at a time
Whether you're an individual or an organization, JirehTech wants to assist you in reaching the masses with your message. Did you know that around 40% of the world's population is connected to the internet? That's roughly 3.2 billion people!
Let your light so shine...

Customized Solutions

We will develop an IT strategy backed by industry best-practices and methodologies to address your à la carte needs all while remaining within your budget constraints.

Managed IT Services

We proactively manage, monitor, and maintain your organization's IT assets (equipment, network, and security) for a flat fee-based subscription.

Charitable Giving

We offer several philanthropic initiatives in our efforts to bridge the digital divide. Such include pro bono IT services, refurbishing computers, and matching volunteers to our constituents.

Professional SEO services

Information Technology is what we do!

We realize that there are a slew of IT consultants and managed IT service providers (MSP’s). However, more often than not, none of them will understand your nonprofit organization the way JirehTech will. We are a nonprofit as well and are totally cognizant of typical nonprofit constraints and funding cycles. Our promise is that our highly-qualified team works with you to seek out the best cost-effective solution for your needs.

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