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Reporting & Analytics

You've heard the saying "Knowledge is Power." Well, it's true. Simply stated, Information is king. Where does information come from? The answer is DATA.

JirehTech understands the power that information provides in today's society. With greater insights backed by data and facts, organizations are able to operate more efficiently and productively. That is why we offer Reporting and Analytics services for your organization.

So what exactly is Reporting & Analytics? Well, under the umbrella of Business Intelligence (BI), Reporting translates raw data into information. Analytics transforms data and information into insights. Restated, reporting provides you with information, analytics gives you insights. Reporting raises questions, analytics attempts to answer them. Both are valuable, but toward different purposes.

Jireh Tech is able to retrieve your disparate data from multiple sources and aggregate such into relevant information and metrics so that you may gain actionable insights. Such sources may come from your database(s), static Excel spreadsheets, on-premise and/or cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, etc. 

We proudly use Tableau Software solutions for your organization's
Business Intelligence needs. Some reasons to highlight include:

Amazing data visualization

Without question, Tableau’s data virtualization is head and shoulders above what traditional BI vendors offer. 

Impressive integration

Tableau integrates with most data types and offers out of the box integration with a variety of big data platforms, including Hadoop. 

Low-cost solution to implement and upgrade

Tableau is a relatively low-cost solution when compared to the big boys of BI like Business Objects and Domo. 

Excellent mobile support

Tableau put a lot of effort into developing a robust mobile client. Touch-optimized controls make accessing and viewing data trouble free, and visualizations are automatically streamlined for mobile devices.

Why does JirehTech use Tableau? Because Tableau has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for five consecutive years. Tableau truly is the gold standard for intuitive interactive visual analytics and an established enterprise platform.